Friday, February 8, 2013

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, 2013

I have been unusually quiet this Eating Disorder Awareness Week. In fact, I was unaware this was the week until Wednesday!! Why? Because this year I am busy living a life largely separate from an eating disorder. In years past, I was living the hell that we as a collective group of sufferers, families, and professionals were trying to bring awareness about. This year, finally, I have tasted freedom. No, my journey is not over. I work each day, still, to choose life and strengthen my real self.

Today it dawned on me to share a response to the note of thanks I extended last year, mid way through my brilliantly supported journey to wellness and recovery; to offer perspective to sufferers who are aware of how painful the journey is and who ask “why?” they are still trying to stay alive and if anyone on the outside can grasp just how painful it is; who feel lonely despite being surrounded by people. When I received this, I cried. Often the degree of love that people hold for me blows me out of the water - still.

I want to keep the writer anonymous but for friends and families who are walking the road next to a loved one, sometimes, we can't hear you; the negative thoughts and feelings are so strong that your words and actions are twisted against us; sometimes I thought people on the outside were the crazy ones for continuing to care. Now, I believe how much you love me and I look back and thank you all for being reasons for me to hold on and for being the people that held on for me.

We had begun to see the real light when this was written, had started to understand that there was an end to mine and that of those around me struggle and pain.

So with that, here is this!
Thank you, Julia, for reaching into the void for a hand to hold when all you could see was evil and darkness.
Thank you for listening to voices of hope when you didn't feel any.
Thank you for having a sense of humor, even on days when you didn't have the energy to enjoy the laugh yourself.
Thank you for spreading as much love as you could muster even when all we wanted was that you could begin to love yourself a little hair as much as we loved you.
Thank you for being nicer to yourself [when I was around].
Thank you for taking yourself to ER all (each and every one of) the times you did...and thank you for everything else you did to stay alive, even though it was so hard.
Thank you for letting me hug you when I had nothing to say.
Thank you for telling me what you found helpful and not-so-helpful.
Thank you for staying in hospital for the weeks you needed before going to Portugal.
And more than anything, thank you for taking your courageous journey that will restore us to each other - sharing love, hope, life, dreams and beauty and bearing witness to each others' journeys of changing the world by spreading peace and joy.
I have missed you...and I can't wait for your struggle to be over and you to taste total freedom! Life is just beginning for you, and I am so grateful that chances are overwhelmingly in our favour - we will be a part of each others' lives for a long time yet. Thanks to you."
So to this beautiful soul who is so close to me in my days still, I can finally say "you're welcome".
To life!! And the everlasting possibility for recovery, renewal, and brilliant experience of love and joy.


  1. Isn't it amazing, when you can take a traumatic (for lack of a better term) experience, and turn it around. If we didn't go through what we went through, would we ever have known how strong we are? I'm so happy that you are so busy enjoying life! And I thank you for giving me the courage to talk about my own struggle!

  2. Oh hey there! You have a blog too!
    Glad to see you are doing so well! Life is sooooo much better on the other side ;)