Monday, November 25, 2013

Final post

I have been waiting for time and inspiration to overlap so that I could write something that I wanted to share.  It hasn't happened in some time and today is no different – I have time but am feeling uninspired.

Over the last weeks, I have given it a lot of thought and decided that it is time to officially wrap up this blog.

Julia's journey” was started with the intention of sharing my walk from eating disorder hell to life.  I found that by thoughtfully writing about the ups and downs the result was a deepening in my understanding of the process by explaining it. It was started with optimism and hope that it would end with a well person writing. It has, and that (wellness) is comprised of more than I could have ever imagined not long ago.

The end of October offered my “one year home” anniversary. It was celebrated quietly with great friends, good food, and a toast. Suffice to say, change and growth has continued over the year and finally, I feel like I am settling into life as a whole me.  I remember more, now, than I did a year ago (sometimes with memories coming back whether I prefer to have them or not) but my focus is largely on the “now” with an optimistic and hopeful outlook for the future.

Sharing my experience has been a gift. Thank you to all of my readers and supporters. This is not a journey I could have undertaken alone.

And so, I will continue to bumble through life's transitions and experiences only as well as I can, with the awareness and understanding that I possess at any given time. As I continue to live, I certainly hope to grow in grace.

Wishing each of you much peace in your days.  Please never, ever give up.  There is always hope.

Thank you again.

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  1. Is there another place where you share life as it is now?