Friday, November 25, 2011

Wham Bam

Obrigada Senhora!  hmm..doesn't have the same ring as 'thank you ma'am' does, eh?  at any rate, with a wham bam my Christmas shopping has dearly been completed in one day.  It was a great day.  I've been stalking many stores looking at their products for weeks as I prepare to pick what I beleive to be as thoughtful gifts as I can.  I mean, presents are presents...they are just material things and I have little time for receiving gifts as I really don't NEED anything more than I have (in fact, I need a lot less than I have!) but yet, I do love to shop for others.  :)  I have a very short Christmas list this year.  Shopping, wrapping, etc. is such a pleasure for me.

In other news, I feel my mood slipping.  I'm digging my fingers and heels in to hold onto every bit of positivity I have.  The darkness looms but I will fight it from overwhelming me.  If it does, I will make it through, get up when it passes and try again but oh!  some days the pain does not seem worth the mild better feeling of the gentler days.

I have had many meal plan changes in the past couple of days and more to come over the next week.  I have put myself in Peggy's hands completely and have given up any control I was trying to maintain regarding food.  It is scary still for my sick mind but the real me is cautiously excited for the variety and challenges.

The dogs we have been expecting here at the villa arrived today.  What a highlight!  They are just delightful so far and I look forward to my adventures with them.  They are rescued dogs that began their own journies of healing at a farm west of Alvor.  Keana is quite the timid little girl, while her partner in crime - Fada - is a much more rambunctious character.

Another week draws to an end and next week finds us in December already...where has 2011 gone?  How I look forward to 2012!!!

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