Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to December

Today is one of my best friend's birthday...but she's most of the way around the world from me.  I wish i was there to celebrate with her.  God....28 this year.  i won't start with the 'and what have i got to show for it' business because that gets no one anywhere!

I've had a pretty decent few days since my brutal one on Tuesday.  I've just been finishing up my Christmas shopping and put everything in the post yesterday.  I've had a lot of fun this year looking for gifts.

I've spent a lot of time downtown Portimao just walking around the shopping streets, it's the old part of the city and just lovely to stroll for hours going in and out of the shops.  Much nicer than the shopping centers.  The weather has been very conducive to being outside.  Fresh and sunny.

today i ventured to the town of Guia to a new store called Iceland that is from the UK and sells British products at reasonable prices.  it was a nice break to walk up and down the isles and be able to read all the product info and recognize it.  I picked up a few treats for Christmas for the family and looked at some books but didn't buy any AND i found some Starbucks VIA coffee and i am super stoked to have a cup in the morning! 

my family arrives in 11 days.  i am SO excited.  we're going to have a blast.  I'm not sure how much time i will have with them at this point in the program.  I'm hoping for a significant amount of time to really soak up their presence.  I know i'll still have sessions and we'll likely have sessions together at somepoint but it's going to be great just to hang out in their company.

some amazing women from back home are grabbing the media's attention regarding care for adults with eating disorders.  they are really astounding me with their courage.  St Paul's is failing so many...

it seems i have nothing deep to share today.  just getting by one day at a time.  i'm not sleeping so well at night but not allowing myself to nap at this point during the day to try and imporve my rest at's not working that way yet.

til next time...

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  1. I miss you hun. I'm glad you're updating again and I can be part of your life again!!!

    You're doing great and keep up the hard work!